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Understanding the Perils of E-Mail

A seemingly innocuous message could come back to haunt your company in a legal proceeding, say the authors of Send. by Marshall Goldsmith In this column I discuss a book called Send: The Essential Guide to Email for Office and … Continue reading

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Sharing is Caring

by Marshall Goldsmith Communication breakdowns in organizations can hinder their operations, if not shut them down altogether.  In this column I discuss why these lapses happen in the first place and how they can be avoided. Today, the cliche that … Continue reading

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Partners, Not Employees

by Marshall Goldsmith Talent management is a field that requires a healthy dose of leadership on the part of its practitioners, who must be innovators and influencers. And despite the apparent novelty of the concept of “talent management,” that’s always … Continue reading

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Is Winning Everything?

It’s important that you not only have a clear understanding of your organization’s objectives and the reasoning behind them, but also an intense passion for performing well in your role. by Marshall Goldsmith As legendary football coach Vince Lombardi famously … Continue reading

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