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Coaching Great Leaders

Warning! Warning! Warning to Coaches! Get Over Yourself!!! by Marshall Goldsmith Over the past 30 years, I have had the opportunity to teach hundreds of thousands of leaders, human resources professionals and external coaches about the process of coaching for … Continue reading

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Seeing Ourselves as Others Do

Can you see in yourself what others see in you, or do you see in others what you don’t want to see in yourself? by Marshall Goldsmith In the early ’70s, as a PhD student at the University of California, … Continue reading

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Turning a Negative into a Positive

“Fining” people for making destructive comments (and giving the money to charity) will help your company and people in need. by Marshall Goldsmith I have helped more than 70 major organizations identify and profile desired leadership behaviors. Almost every company … Continue reading

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New China

Children of Cultural Revolution-era parents are driven to succeed. The next generation, however, may be a different story, and that could imperil China’s growth. by Marshall Goldsmith On a recent trip to Shanghai, I had the opportunity to meet several … Continue reading

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