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Questions That Make a Difference Every Day

My colleague, Andrew Thorn, taught me this fascinating daily-questions process and tried it out on me. Since then, I have been using it with my good friend, Jim Moore, (former CLO of Sun Microsystems). Both Jim and I have been … Continue reading

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It’s Hard to Leave

“I finally realized that my job had become my best friend. It’s very hard to leave your best friend.” I watched the expressive face of a fantastic leader as she shared her personal feelings about leaving the executive suite. Several … Continue reading

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Mission Control: Putting Our Purpose Above Our Goals

At the surface level, “purpose” and “goal” seem to be very similar. In fact, my thesaurus tells me they’re synonyms. It might appear that we can use them interchangeably. But in parsing the definitions of these words, we discover they’re … Continue reading

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Bad Behavior

by Marshall Goldsmith Peter Drucker once said, “Most leaders don’t need to learn what to do. They need to learn what to stop.” How true. Can you imagine your boss admitting a personal failing and outlining his efforts to stop … Continue reading

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Dogged by a Daydream

Executive educator Goldsmith gets to the bottom of why some of us don’t meet our goals – and gives some free advice. by Marshall Goldsmith I am probably the only executive educator that you have ever heard of who actually … Continue reading

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