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Leave It at the Stream

Instead of being a Monday-morning quarterback, focus on next week’s game. by Marshall Goldsmith “Feedforward” sounds like some eating technique you’d see advertised on late-night TV, guaranteeing weight loss with a faster metabolism. Sorry, folks: Feedforward won’t make you thinner, but … Continue reading

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Get-Out-of-My-Face Time

Accessible leaders can create dependency. Turn face time into get-out-of-my-face time. by Marshall Goldsmith The editor-in-chief of one of the top women’s magazines is a very dedicated and well-organized leader. In the past, she always took pride in her ability to … Continue reading

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Why Even Thinking About Retirement Can Be a Bad Idea

We often dream about all the things we’ll do once we retire. What we don’t think about is how much we might not like it when we get there. by Marshall Goldsmith My friend Dave was bubbling with enthusiasm. His company … Continue reading

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If They Don’t Care, Don’t Waste Your Time

Try to change people who don’t care, and you end up wasting everyone’s time. by Marshall Goldsmith My mother was a first-grade schoolteacher back in Kentucky. In her mind, I was always in the first grade, my father was a first … Continue reading

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Goal 1, Mission 0

Obsessing on your goal – may cause you to forget your mission. by Marshall Goldsmith In the movie The Bridge on the River Kwai , the main character, Colonel Nicholson, is a prisoner of war in Burma who leads his men … Continue reading

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