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Celebrating Diversity

To create a positive global community, we need to meet three key challenges. by Marshall Goldsmith The rise of the global community brings many opportunities and challenges. In the past, community members could communicate with each other, trade with each other, … Continue reading

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Referent Groups and Diversity

The concept of referent group can be a useful tool for understanding many differences in organizations, both on a global and local scale. A referent group can be defined as any group that people see as a source for their … Continue reading

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On a Consumer Watershed

Over the past several years a major shift in customer behavior has reshaped the nature of many markets and is leading to profound changes in how companies attempt to serve those markets. More and more business customers have quit buying … Continue reading

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New Film by AthenaOnline – Auntie Claus

My friend Jon Peters has been involved in executive education for the last 20 years through his company AthenaOnline. He has created award-winning content and websites that are used in numerous Fortune and multinational companies around the world. His work … Continue reading

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Changing Leadership Behavior

My mission is to help successful leaders achieve a positive change in behavior: for themselves, their people and their teams. While I am best known as an executive coach, coaching represents only 25% of what I do. The remaining three … Continue reading

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