Meet My Next Group of Coaches!

 Dear Friends,

Greetings from Seattle!

The Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches ‘pay it forward’ project is officially in full swing, and I am excited to announce the next cohort of coaches who will join me in Phoenix in June!

For those of you who haven’t heard of the project, here is a little back story.

A couple of years ago, I attended a program led by my wonderful friend Ayse Birsel called Design the Life You Love. At the program, Ayse asked us to write down our heroes. I wrote down Frances Hesselbein (former CEO of the Girl Scouts and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom), Alan Mulally (former CEO of Ford and CEO of the year in the United States), Peter Drucker (founder of modern management), Paul Hersey (noted author, teacher, and personal mentor of mine), and Warren Bennis (one of the world’s greatest leadership thinkers of his time). Then Ayse asked us to describe what made us think of them as heroes. I wrote “great teachers” and “very generous.” She then challenged us to “be more like them” in designing the lives we love.

It was from this fantastic program that I came up with the idea to teach 15 people everything I know at no charge. In return, these 15 would do the same thing for 15 others, for free. I was inspired to do this by the many great teachers and leaders who have so generously helped me – without ever asking for anything in return. It is my way of recognizing the amazing contributions they have made in my life.

I made a 30-second video about the project for LinkedIn. It ended up becoming one of the most widely viewed videos in the history of LinkedIn. I was amazed when more than 12,000 people applied for the 15 positions. I have been very humbled and inspired by this overwhelming response, and so I expanded the project to 100 Coaches and now 100 Aspiring Coaches!

Our first cohort of 25 coaches has met twice. First in December 2016 in Phoenix where they learned from Alan Mulally as well as me. And more recently in New York City where we spent two days with two of the greatest leaders of our time, Frances Hesselbein and Dr. Jim Kim, President of the World Bank, and where they were formally trained in Stakeholder Centered Coaching by Dr. Frank Wagner, Chris Coffey, and Will Linssen. This first cohort is well on their way to sharing their new insights with the world!

It is time now to announce the second cohort. This diverse group of coaches are some of the top people in their fields and will come from around the world to join me in Phoenix June 23-25!

Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches

Thought Leaders – Cohort 1

Alexander Osterwalder – Thinkers 50 #1 Strategy Thinker 2015-17, million-selling author Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design, inventor Business Model Canvas

Whitney Johnson – Thinkers 50 award-winning Management Thinker 2015-17, Disruptive Innovation expert, author Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work

Pawel Motyl – Formerly CEO Harvard Business Review Poland, noted speaker, consultant and executive coach, author Labirynt Sztuka podejmowania decyzji

Ayse Birsel – One of the Inc. Magazine top 15 designers in the world, author of Design the Life You Love: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Meaningful Future

Thought Leaders – Cohort 2

Herminia Ibarra – Thinkers 50 #8 Management Thinker 2015-17, #1 Leadership Thinker 2013-15, Professor at London Business School, former professor Harvard, best-selling author of Working Identity: Unconventional Strategies for Reinventing Your Career

Liz Wiseman – Bestselling author of Multipliers, Thinkers 50 Top Ten Leadership Thinker 2015-17, Winner of the ATD Champion of Talent Award

Keith Ferrazzi – #1 bestselling author of Never Eat Alone and Whose Got Your Back, expert in strategic consulting and training to increase sales and performance, formerly CMO Starwood Hotels and Deloitte

Harry Kraemer – Former CEO Baxter, Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management Professor of the Year, author of From Values to Action and Becoming the Best

Mark Thompson – World’s #1 Executive Coach for Growth Company Leaders; NY Times bestselling author Admired and Success Built to Last; Stanford University Venture Design Lab; Executive Producer,, and Forbes’ Venture Investor with the Midas Touch

Price Pritchett – Bestselling author of 26 books which have sold more than 10 million copies, pioneering thought leader on merger integration strategy, corporate culture, innovation and organizational change

Srikumar Rao – Developer of one of the most popular courses ever taught at top business schools (Kellogg Northwestern, Columbia University, UC Berkeley, London Business School), author Are You Ready to Succeed? and Happiness at Work

Erica Dhawan – Bestselling author of Get Big Things Done: The Power of Connectional Intelligence, MPA Harvard Kennedy School and MBA MIT

University Representatives—Cohort 1

General Bernie Banks – Former General US Army, head of Leadership Development West Point, currently Associate Dean Northwestern Kellogg School of Management

Carol Kauffman – Founder/Executive Institute of Coaching Harvard, chief supervisor Meyler Campbell Business Coaching Program

Praveen Kopalle – Professor Dartmouth Tuck School, head of Tuck coaching program for MBAs

Sanyin Siang – Executive Director Coach K Center on Leadership & Ethics (COLE), laboratory for leadership, Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business

Clark Callahan – Managing Director, Custom Programs, Harvard Business School Executive Education

University Representatives—Cohort 2

Annie McKee – Director University of Pennsylvania – Penn CLO Ph.D. program, author, and coach

General Thomas Kolditz – Founding Director Doerr Institute Rice University, formerly head of Leadership Development West Point

Paul Corona –Director of Full-Time MBA Leadership Development, Kellogg School of Management Northwestern University

Sergey Sirotenko – Associate executive coach INSEAD; consultant Ward Howell (Moscow); Big Brothers Big Sisters board member; formerly Leadership Development Director, Yale University, and Member of Global Agenda Council on Russia with the World Economic Forum in Davos

Col. Diane Ryan – Academy Professor and Director Leadership Development at US Military Academy, Professor Dept. Behavior Sciences

External Coaches—Cohort 1

David Peterson – Pioneer executive coach, head of coaching at Google, author Development FIRST and Leader as Coach

Judith Glaser – Top executive coach, speaker, noted author Conversational Intelligence, Creating WE: Change I-Thinking to We-Thinking & Build a Healthy Thriving Organization, and The DNA of Leadership

Michael Bungay Stanier – #2 ranked executive coach, speaker, award-winning author Do More Great Work and The Coaching Habit

Doug Winnie – ActionCOACH #1 small business coach 2016

Everett Alexander – Start up and family business coach, financial advisor, MS and MBA University of Pennsylvania

External Coaches—Cohort 2

Dr. Peter Chee – CEO ITD World (China), author, top coach in Asia

Peter Bregman – Wall Street Journal bestselling author 18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, personal productivity expert

Edy Greenblatt – Pioneering expert on resilience, coach supervisor, award-winning author, faculty and coaching director DeSautels Centre for Integrative Thinking, University of Toronto

Alisa Cohn – Executive coach for CEOs, emerging leaders, and entrepreneurs, ranked Boston top 10 coaches, Cornell University Entrepreneurship Advisory Board, faculty of Cornell Tech

Divya Silbermann – Executive coach for startup and new business leaders, leadership coach, and former HR leader at Facebook

Bryan Miller  Larry H. Miller Group of Companies Board of Directors & Executive Director of Culture, speaker, author, trainer, coach, specializes in family business

Human Resources & Leadership Development Professionals—Cohort 1

Kathleen Wilson-Thompson – Executive Vice President and Global Chief Human Resources Officer HR Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc., top-level internal coaching to executives

Prakash Raman – Senior consultant leadership development LinkedIn, coach, facilitator, and leadership development expert

Human Resources & Leadership Development Professionals—Cohort 2

Laine Joelson Cohen – Director of Leadership and Professional Development, CitiCorp, faculty of CitiCorp Senior Leadership Program and NYU Professional Studies, coach

Patricia Gorton – Director Leadership and Talent Management DTCC, former senior vice president CitiCorp, MBA University of Michigan

Deanne Kissinger – Global Director Learning and Leadership Development Sealed Air Corporation, MBA Melbourne School, Australia, internal leadership development specialist

Jasmin Thomson – Head of Leadership Development at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, organizational and effectiveness consultant, facilitator, and coach, PhD organizational behavior

Organizational Leaders Cohort—1

Aicha Evans – Senior Vice President and General Manager at Intel Corporation, Fortune Magazine—top future women leaders in America

Deborah Borg – Chief Human Resource Officer Bunge Limited, former division president Dow USA, passionate about the human dimension of business and leadership in support of the business agenda

Bill Simpson – President and CEO Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company, dedicated to the greater mission of providing value to the Milton Hershey School and home for children

Garry Ridge – CEO WD40, author Helping People Win at Work: A Business Philosophy Called “Don’t Mark My Paper, Help Me Get an A”

Pooneh Mohajer – Inc. Magazine nominee, co-founder and CEO TokiDoki, co-founder Hard Candy, visionary entrepreneur

Feyzi Fatehi – Inc. Magazine nominee, founder and CEO, Corent Technologies, author The 10x Innovation Revolution: Inspiring a Culture of Disruption and Entrepreneurship Within Any Organization

Gabriela Teasdale – President at Fundación Transformación Paraguay, top leadership speaker and coach

Asheesh Advani – CEO Junior Achievement Worldwide, author Investors in Your Backyard: How to Raise Business Capital from the People You Know and Business Loans from Family & Friends: How to Ask, Make It Legal & Make It Work

Organizational Leaders—Cohort 2

Eric Schurenberg – President and Editor in Chief – Inc. Magazine, mission is to educate entrepreneurs

Jim Citrin – World’s #1 professional in executive search, author, teacher, thinker

Brown Johnson – Executive Producer and Creative Director Sesame Street

Paul Hill – Former Director of Mission Control NASA, author, and coach

Mike Sursock – Head of Operations Group at Baring Private Equity Asia

Kevin Koch – President and CEO of Koch, Inc., 2017 Campaign Chair United Way of Southwestern Indiana

Telisa Yancy – Executive vice president and champion of customers, employees, growth, and innovation for American Family Insurance

Rob Nail – CEO & Associate Founder of Singularity University, start up leader

We began with 25 fantastic people. I have loved spending time with each and every one of them. I am very honored that Alan Mulally, Frances Hesselbein, Dr. Jim Kim, Hubert Joly (CEO of Best Buy), and Liz Smith (CEO of Bloomin’ Brands) have generously agreed to help lead this effort.

I would also like to thank Sarah McArthur, chief operating officer of the project, and advisors to the project Taavo Godtfredsen and Scott Osman for providing the professional support needed for such a large-scale effort.

Now, we have 30 new members of our 100 Coaches project who I’ll meet with in June and, I still have 45 coaches to select in the coming months!

As I have read your comments online, the feedback on the 100 Coaches project has been incredibly positive. One of the great suggestions I have received is that all of the MG100 have fantastic backgrounds in leadership, education, and coaching, but what about people who haven’t had some of these opportunities? This gave me pause for thought, so, I came up with an idea. I’ve decided to form a second group of 100 Aspiring Coaches next year who will learn from me and the first 100 coaches! If you are interested, please apply at If you’ve already applied for 100 Coaches, you do not need to reapply.

And, finally, this has been one of the most wonderful projects of my life. I have been honored to work with the first 25 coaches and I am really looking forward to meeting the second cadre of coaches in June!

Now, I’d like to leave you with a challenge. What are some of the ways you can give back? How might you give to others so that eventually they can give back to even more people?

Life is good.


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